Gone are the days of              a simple G-spot orgasm                and a post-sex cigarette.                 Learning of full body orgasm,           hearts, and even nostril orgasm;                    
It seems a smorgasbord of pleasure is                available and                        we are here for it!

One pleasure zone that has us curious is one that is usually just happy to get out of a bra at the end of the day!

Read on for our top 5 expert tips for experiencing ‘Nipple Orgasm’.

Let                 go of    expectation.        The less attached                     you are to the               outcome, the more               pleasure becomes                 available.

  • Take time to awaken the nerve endings in this area slowly. The neck, abdomen and breasts are erogenous and can pave the way to optimum pleasure receptivity when it comes to nipples.
  • Alternate between pleasure and pain. Meet the edges of overwhelm and discomfort to open up new receptors for pleasure.
  • Surrender – Understand that orgasm is a state of letting go. When you master the art of surrender, you can experience greater pleasure and trigger orgasms by stimulating various body areas.
  • Heart dearmouring. In traditional sacred sexuality, the breasts are considered the woman’s ‘positive pole’ (for a man, it’s his penis) Consider this as you explore your capacity to experience pleasure here. The breasts are energetically connected to the heart. Often we can hold the energy of our past lovers here, and blocks around our heart can affect our ability to experience nipple orgasm.
  • Breath – Use your breath to send your intention and presence to different locations in your body.
    Let go of expectations. The less attached you are to the outcome, the more pleasure becomes available.
  • Variation / Consistency: Try alternating between different types of touch and stimulation.
  • Lubrication: Use saliva, lubes / massage oils to keep the area slippery. Lubricate to reduce friction that can affect pleasure and cause numbness / irritation..(try our … massage oil..may cause nostril orgasm – the scent is that good!
  • Communication: If this is something you are exploring with a sexual partner, communicating your desires, boundaries and what feels good is key. Offer feedback as encouragement. It can take some time. Have fun!!

Alternate between pleasure                 and pain.                Meet the edges of overwhelm and                 discomfort to open up            new receptors for pleasure.


Did you know:

  • Smaller nipples can be more sensitive because of the amount of nerve endings condensed into a smaller area.
  • Women can experience different levels of sensation post breast feeding (some actually experience a decrease in nipple sensitivity that can enhance pleasure)
  • Nipple orgasm seems relatively rare but bodies are extremely diverse and capable of experiencing untold sensations of pleasure. An LA Breast Surgeon claims that 1 in 3 women experience orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

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