So Her is a proudly Australian owned and             female-founded company,              focusing on bringing                        self-love into the lives of every woman

So Her is          here to transform           the way we care for           our sexual and         sensual selves - it’s           all         about SELF LOVE ladies!

So Her is a proudly Australian owned and female-founded company, focusing on bringing self-love into the lives of every woman. The dynamic duo behind So Her, Dominique Tom & Lauranne Avery, are real women focusing on women’s health and not just the balanced diet and gym kind. This is healthcare at its finest!

Understanding that women can be private about sexual health, the team at So Her is providing women with a discreet range of sex toys and intimate care, to explore and celebrate their sexual side, and bring more pleasure and satisfaction to their bedroom. The benefits of focusing on your sexual health are nothing to shy away from, assisting with sleep, boosting your immune, reducing stress levels, and improving heart health. Sometimes a little tender touch and personal pleasure are all we need to rest, reset and revitalise.

“Women’s sexual health is so important, yet a subject that is not often discussed… maybe on the odd occasion over a few glasses of champagne with your girlfriends – we are here to change that and to break down the stigma. We are all sexual beings and should be exploring our sexual and sensual side, no matter who we are, where we come from and what stage we are in our adult life. It’s time to put our busy schedules to the side and show number one some love. Our products tick all of the boxes (no pun intended), beautiful, functional, echo friendly and body-safe”

There should be no shame in sexual and sensual care, but here at So Her we do understand that one does not always want a penis looking power tool sitting in the bedside drawer. With this in mind, our products have been carefully considered and beautifully designed, no more awkward surprises if someone goes rifting through your drawer. Our products are designed for all women, the curious, the frustrated, the perplexed and the experienced. Our mission is to change the conversation around sex and masturbation, bringing self-love and care to all women, through our discreet, pleasurable and beautifully designed sexual wellness care range.

Made with love ⸻

THE                  FOUNDERS

So Her is a concept created by                two confident, driven intelligent and                go-getter moms who,                 after a lifetime working for others, felt it was about time                               for them to take control of their destinies and build their business.

Lauranne and Dominique met each other over 8 years ago through their partners and their connection was immediately powerful. Both working together in the wellness industry sparked many different converstaions on how they can assist women on another level of wellbeing. These two driven women set out to build So Her! and take the brand to become a force in the sexual wellness industry by empowering all women to be healthy, sexy, confident in their own skin and in the bedroom.