Experience a groundbreaking        shift in women's wear with our durable,           eco-friendly silicone nipple covers.        Boost your confidence, embrace body positivity.          Make the switch today.

Product information :

1. Non-colloid temperature self-adhesive
Does not contain adhesives, and only rely on body temperature to achieve no glue self-adhesive

2. All silicone material is milky and silky
Comfortable and skin-friendly bid farewell to restraint, does not irritate the skin, suitable for sensitive skin

3. The silicone material blends with the skin
Anti-real skin, feel free to touch

4. Wash and dry as long as you want
The glue-free design is more convenient to use. It can be washed directly with water and can be used repeatedly for more than 100 times. It is waterproof inside and outside. After washing, it can be worn after drying.

5. Lightweight and non-inductive fit better
Thin and invisible, fits the skin, matches with a variety of costumes, easy and comfortable without fear of exposure

Product Usage
Before wearing, please remove body oils, residues, and clean the surface
Keep skin dry when using

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